New White Dwarf

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The new white Dwarf has landed and it is a great one!

For regulars lets just say my release schedule predictions were correct.

There are some great Vampire releases next month including new characters and scenery, there is also some daemonic reinforcements and the first part of the Witch-hunter codex.

White Dwarf goes on sale Saturday.

Blood Angels Second Wave Confirmed

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Storm Raven and Librarian Dreadnought on the way!

White Dwarf 373 Has confirmed the Blood Angels Second Wave is the next 40k Release. The Blood Angels second wave will undoubtedly contain the Storm Raven which was leaked on the web before Christmas (see picture below). Other than a Furioso /Librarian Dreadnought and The Storm Raven I am not sure what else the second wave will contain other than maybe a few new blisters. Not the largest release wave, but I'm sure Blood Angels Fans will be happy!

Is it just me or does the Storm Raven look straight out of a 1980s Platformer? Although it does look like a Marine designed it!